Lee Y. Greene and Associates, Inc. provides civil engineering and land surveying services for residential and commercial developments.

Covering North and Central Alabama, we have performed many boundary surveys for all types of clients and their needs. In addition to conventional total station laser EDM (Electronic Distance Meter) equipment, we have added GPS (Global Positioning System) data collection for rapid, high accuracy survey control. This exciting new technology allows us to quickly collect data in difficult terrain. GPS equipment can also be used in inclement weather giving us the ability to keep your job progressing under almost all circumstances. Our services also include ALTA Standard surveys for commercial sites.

We specialize in decentralized wastewater technologies that allow dense development in growing areas that are unsewered by conventional means. We have developed methodologies to assist rural electric cooperatives and regional water authorities in the wastewater treatment and disposal business in order to facilitate utility demand in previously unusable areas of their service territories. In addition to decentralized technologies, we have over 25 years of experience in designing conventional and alternative on-site-sewage disposal systems for residential and commercial clients.

We fully support S.L.I.S.A and their commitment to Smith Lake improvement. For more information, or to get involved in Smith Lake preservation, click here.

Lee Y. Greene, Sr. is a registered PE and PLS in the state of Alabama (#10273)
Lee Y. Greene, Jr. is a registered PE and PLS in the state of Alabama (#21218)

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